Binweevils Tropicana

Cam in Nest Glitch

Firstly go to a place with a bin cam (e.g. Ink's Orange Peel) but the cam must NOT be loaded. Once you can see that the cam is starting to load, go to your nest. Now click the Buddy Messenger Box and wait for about 5-10 minutes (depending on your loading speed). Once this is done, the cam should have loaded and you can close the buddy messenger box. You can now use the cam in your nest! 

Antenna Twist
Firstly, you must become a Bin Tycoon. Then put the Tycoon hat on your head, it can be any colour just put a hat on. Then, press an arrow or door to another place. Before you reach there, take off your Tycoon hat by clicking the hat symbol again and clicking the red x on the hat. Your antennae should be twisted or distorted for everyone to see!

Racing from Ink's

Firstly, go to Dirt Valley and click Time Trials. While it's still loading go to Ink's and wait a while. Then it should automatically take you to an out-of-bounds area in Ink's. If you want to race then just let your weevil carry on walking.

Adding Yourself
Click on one of your buddies. Click remove buddy, but DONT click yes! Then put up YOUR weevil and then click yes. Then your weevil will have a ignore buddy button, click it. Then remove from Ignore List and click send buddy request. Accept the buddy request from yourself and you're on your own list. Now you can do what you like with it.

Racing Glitch

 Firstly, make sure you've won a trophy on Track 1 & 2, to have Track 3 unlocked. If you haven't, you can't do this glitch. Now, if you have Track 3 unlocked, go to Dirt Vally Track 1 and click on the purple cart. As it's loading, exit it out, and head on down to Track 3. At Track 3 get in the blue cart, and get 3 other players to join. When your racing you should be racing in track 1, and everyone else will be racing in Track 3! You will get 7 experience, and a really fast time! NOTE: This is a glitch, not a cheat, so if people call you a cheater, tell them it's a glitch!

Out of Boundaries

First, go to Ink's Orange Peel and click a multiplayer game. Then click the arrow leading to Rigg's, and when your about to go past the arrow, super jump. When your in the air click "no" to the game. Then, as fast as you can, super jump again. You should then find yourself out of the set boundaries!


Go to Ink's Orange Peel, and use your bounce move that you acquired at Level 20. For the first place to bounce, click on the peel. For the second, click on the floor. You MUST be atlas level 20 for this to work, and you must use only 2 bounces. You will be invisible!

Out Of Bounds Bounce
To do this glitch you must be at least a level 20.

Now, go to your nest and click on the portal. Then, click on your double bounce move, and click anywhere in your nest (remember not to use the last bounce)! You should then be in a random area. When your there, click on the last bounce!

More Glitches Soon ...